Charlie Ve'hetzi

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Charlie Ve'hetzi/ Charlie and a Half
Directed by Boaz Davidson
Written by Eli Tavor
Starring Yehuda Barkan
Ze'ev Revach
Arieh Elias
Release date
  • 1974 (1974)
Running time
96 mins
Country Israel
Language Hebrew

Charlie Ve'hetzi (a.k.a. - Charlie and a Half; Hebrew צ'ארלי וחצי) is a 1974 Israeli comedy. The movie was directed by Boaz Davidson and stars Israeli comedians Yehuda Barkan and Ze'ev Revach.


  • Yehuda Barkan – Charlie Ben Chanania
  • Ze'ev Revach – Sasson
  • Arieh Elias – Zaki Ben Chanania
  • Edna Fliedel – Flora Ben Chanania
  • Haya Katzir – Gila Zohar
  • Geula Nuni – Lili
  • Elisheva Michaeli – Mrs. Zohar
  • Natan Cogan – Chaim Zohar
  • Tuvia Tzafir – Robert
  • Moshe Ish-Kassit – Gedalia
  • Reuven Shefer – Car Sales Man
  • Tikva Aziz – Mazal
  • Aryeh Moskona – Neighbor
  • Mordecai Ben-Ze'ev – Erlich
  • Nurit Cohen – Yafa
  • David Shushan – Miko


Charlie gets by through fleecing suckers with a three-card Monte. He passes himself off as a rich businessman. Miko is a street kid who spends his time with Charlie instead of going to school. His sister tries to raise him on her own, unsuccessfully. The plot follows Charlie's attempt to conquer the heart of Gila, a rich girl whose parents try to matchmake her to an American millionaire somewhat against her will.

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