Charlotte Aircraft Corporation

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Charlotte Aircraft Corporation
Industry Aviation
Founded 1953 (1953)
Headquarters Delta Airbase, Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Key people
Jenks Caldwell, Jr; President
Products Reconditioned aircraft parts

Charlotte Aircraft Corporation is a company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina which deals in used aircraft and aircraft parts. The company was founded by Jenks Caldwell Sr. in 1953. Today the company is run by his son Jenks Caldwell Jr. The company’s main business is reselling refurbished aircraft parts which it acquires by purchasing used aircraft and stripping them of their useful parts, storing them until required, and re-furbishing them before sale to the customer.[1]

The company also has a history of engine modification. In the 1950s the company refitting Wright R-2600 engines for the DC-4.[2]


Museum and Film aircraft[edit]

First 747 purchased by Northwest Airlines. Aircraft came from Charlotte Aircraft Corp.'s facility in Maxton, North Carolina

In 2006, the forward fuselage of the first 747 purchased by Northwest Airlines was removed from the airplane at Maxton and taken and installed in the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.[3]

A Boeing 727 aircraft was trucked from Maxton NC to Massachusetts for use in the Tom Cruise movie Knight and Day.[citation needed]


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