Charlotte All-Stars

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Charlotte Allstars
Founded 1990
Based in Matthews, North Carolina: Fort Mill, South Carolina: and Concord, North Carolina
Colors Purple, Black and White
Owner(s) Julie O'Brien and Kevin Brubaker
No. of teams 11

Charlotte All-Star Cheerleading or known as CAC, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of the largest Allstar cheerleading programs in the United States with over 200 cheerleaders and 11 teams. Along the way CAC earned over 800 National Championship titles. Even more importantly, CAC has had an opportunity to positively shape the lives of thousands of kids who have passed through the program. They want every one of their cheerleaders to come out of the program better than they were coming in. Be it improved physical fitness and cheerleading skills, a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful member of a team, increased self-confidence or an understanding that they can be the best and compete with the best without ethical or moral sacrifice. It is their sincere hope that we can develop these life skills and more, all in a fun and positive environment.


Charlotte Allstar Cheerleading was founded in 1990 by co-owners Julie O'Brien and Kevin Brubaker. With nothing but an empty warehouse, some used gymnastics equipment and a passion for teaching kids, the CAC program began with just one team of 18 cheerleaders. Charlotte Allstars is a competitive gym; they go to competitions all over the U.S. At the 2005-2006 Cheerleading Worlds, they won 2nd place, taking home a silver medal. They also took home bronze in 2010.

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CAC Main has 11 teams, ranging in age from 5 to adult. They have 2 coed teams and 2 level 5 teams.

CAC Main Teams:

  • Teal (Senior Coed 5)
  • Storm (Senior Restricted 5 Coed)
  • Cobalt (Senior 4)
  • Eclipse (Senior 3)
  • Orange Crush (youth level 3)
  • (youth level 3)
  • Diamonds (Special Needs)
  • Angels (Special Needs)

EVERYBODY makes a team at Charlotte Allstars! Don't miss out on the fun! Need to make a call? Below are the CAC Main phone number.

Main Location 11011 Monroe Road

Matthews, NC  28105

Cheer: " The heart of a champion you will always see, the tradition continues, we are CAC!!!