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Circa 1893

Charlotte Fiske Bates (Mme. Rogé) (November 30, 1838 – September 1, 1916) was an American writer.


Charlotte Bates was born in New York City as the youngest of six children. While she was still an infant her father, Hervey Bates, died, causing her mother, Eliza Endicott Bates, to relocate the family to Cambridge, Massachusetts. After public education and private tutoring, Bates accepted a position at the Salisbury School for Young Ladies as an instructor of English in September 1888. She published a volume of verse, under the title, Risks and Other Poems (1879) which contains approximately 120 poems, including ten sonnets, ten French translations (which were originally done for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's anthology Poems of Places) and five epithalamia. She also contributed many articles to magazines, and edited the Longfellow Birthday Book (1881), Seven Voices of Sympathy (1881), and the Cambridge Book of Poetry and Song (1882). In editing the first-named works she cooperated with Longfellow, whom she also assisted in compiling his Poems of Places. She was mentioned by Dr. Franklin Johnson in his eulogy of Longfellow in 1882. In 1891 she married M. Adolphe Rogé, who later died in 1896 of malaria, just three months before their five-year anniversary.

Published works[edit]

  • Risks and Other Poems (1879)
  • "The Heart's Easter" (1902)
  • "Solace" (1894)
  • Longfellow Birthday Book (1881)
  • Seven Voices of Sympathy (1881)
  • Cambridge Book of Poetry and Song (1882)
  • Poems of Places (1879)



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