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Charlotte Führer (1834 – November 5, 1907)[1] was a German author and midwife/"doctress".

She was born in Hanover, Germany in 1834 as Johanne Louise Charlotte Heise, to Evangelical Lutheran parents;[2] her father was a general in the Hanoverian army.

At the age of 17, she married Ferdinand Adolph Fuhrer, who she refers to by the pseudonym "Gustav Schroeder" in her book.[2] Shortly afterwards, she and Ferdinand moved to New York, in the United States.[3] They had two daughters there, named Otillia and Maria.[2] Ferdinand started a business selling imported German goods there, but the business failed, and in 1856 they moved back to Germany.[2][3]

There, she enrolled in Hamburg University, and became a midwife.[3] During this time she had a third daughter, Louisa.[2] In 1851, her father died.[2] After she graduated, on April 17, 1859,[2] she and her husband sailed to Montreal, where she practiced as a midwife for 30 years.[3] Shortly after their arrival, she had a fourth daughter, Elizabeth.[2] She went on to have another daughter, Laura, in 1860, and a son, Friedrich, in 1866.[2] In the summer of 1873, Ottilia and Maria both died of typhus.[2] During this time in Montreal, she wrote Mysteries of Montreal: Memoirs of a Midwife, a recollection of her experiences as a midwife in Montreal, published in 1881.[3] In 1884 her son Friedrich also died of typhus.[2] Charlotte herself succumbed to cancer on November 5, 1907.[1][2]


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