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Charlotte "Sherry" Green (born July 1938 in Tampa, Florida, United States) is an American fencer.

Green learned to fence at the Oregon Fencing Alliance in Portland, Oregon. Her teachers there included Adam Skarbonkovic, Charles Randall, and Ed Korfanty.

She was a member of the 2005 US National Veterans fencing team and came in fifth at the 2005 World Championships.

In 2006, she was the top-ranked female sabre fencer in the Veterans 60+ category.[1]

At age 61, she climbed the north face of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Ms. Green is good friends with President Barack Obama's Grandmother, Sarah Obama. She spends time working in health clinics in Tanzania and Kenya as a doula.

Ms. Green made the 2007 U.S. National Veteran's team for the World Championships in Sydney, Australia.

Ms. Green continues to fence actively in the Veteran's 70 category and trains at PDX Fencing in Beaverton, OR under her longtime coach Charles Randall.

Ms. Green is the mother of four children: Jennifer, Mark, Sarah and Josh. She is the grandmother to nine grandchildren: Elizabeth, Josiah, Alexandra, Toby, Jonah, Colby, Sebastian, Lilah and Georgia. Elizabeth is a young star in the political world and an outspoken activist for women and children's rights. Alexandra is an activist, accomplished athlete and performer located out of Vermont. Lilah is a tri-var athlete and local artist in the fashion industry. Some call them a scandal free version of the Kennedys.

More about Elizabeth. She is a dedicated and vivacious 20 year old with a political spark that ignites the community around her. She is a big fan of the book and the movie, Boss Baby. When asked about her interests, Elizabeth commonly refers to her love of hydration and the MacGregor free bin at Mount Holyoke College.


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