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Charlotte Link
Link in 2018
Link in 2018
Born (1963-10-05) 5 October 1963 (age 58)
Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany
Notable awardsGoldene Feder (Golden Feather)

Charlotte Link (born 5 October 1963 in Frankfurt am Main) is a German writer. She is among the most successful contemporary authors writing in German.[1]


Charlotte Link is the daughter of well-known German writer and journalist Almuth Link. She wrote her first work, Die schöne Helena, when she was just 16 years old and published it at the age of 19.

She is known as much for novels about contemporary life as for psychological detective novels in the English manner. Her books Sturmzeit, Wilde Lupinen, and Die Stunde der Erben form a trilogy. These, among others, have been filmed for TV series for the German television station ZDF.

Her novel Am Ende des Schweigens was nominated in 2004 for the fiction category of the Deutsche Bücherpreis (German Book Prize), while her book Die Rosenzüchterin, published in 2000, remained for several weeks at the top of the Spiegel bestseller list.

Selected works[edit]

Year Original title English title Notes
1985 Cromwells Traum oder Die schöne Helena Cromwell's Dream or The Beautiful Helena
1986 Wenn die Liebe nicht endet When Love Doesn't Die
1987 Die Sterne von Marmalon The Stars of Marmalon
1987 Verbotene Wege Forbidden Ways
1989 Sturmzeit Stormy Season Stormy season trilogy: 1
1992 Wilde Lupinen Wild Lupins Stormy Season trilogy: 2
1993 Schattenspiel Shadow Games
1989 Die Stunde der Erben The Heritage Stormy season trilogy: 3
1996 Die Sünde der Engel The Sin of the Angels
1998 Der Verehrer The Admirer
1999 Das Haus der Schwestern The Sisters' House
2000 Die Rosenzüchterin The Rose Breeder
2002 Die Täuschung The Deception
2003 Am Ende des Schweigens At the End of Silence
2005 Der fremde Gast The Foreign Guest
2006 Die Insel The Island
2006 Das Echo der Schuld The Echo of Guilt
2008 Die letzte Spur The Last Track
2009 Das andere Kind The Other Child
2010 Mitternachtspicknick Midnight Picnic YA fiction
2010 Gefährlicher Sommer Dangerous Summer YA fiction
2010 Mondschein Geflüster Moonlight Whispers YA fiction
2011 Diamantenraub The Diamond Heist YA fiction
2011 Der Beobachter The Watcher
2012 Im Tal des Fuchses In the Valley of the Fox [2]
2014 Sechs Jahre. Der Abschied von meiner Schwester Six Years. Farewell to My Sister Autobiography[3]
2015 Die Betrogene Cheated [4]
2016 Die Entscheidung Decision
2018 Die Suche The Search


In 2007, Link was awarded the Goldene Feder (Golden Feather) for her literary achievements.


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