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For the British educator, see Charlotte Mason.

Charlotte Osgood Mason, born Charlotte Louise Van der Veer Quick (May 18, 1854, Franklin Park, New Jersey – April 15, 1946, New York City),[1] was an American socialite and philanthropist.

Mason was born in Franklin Park, New Jersey on May 18, 1854[2] to Peter Quick and Phoebe Van der Veer. She was brought up by her maternal grandfather, Schenck Van der Veer, whose last name she took.[3] She married Rufus Osgood Mason on April 27, 1886.[4] She came from a rich family and her wealth increased after the death of her husband Rufus Osgood Mason. She used her wealth to support artists such as Zora Neale Hurston, Aaron Douglas, Langston Hughes, Arthur Fauset, and Miguel Covarrubias of the Harlem Renaissance.[5]

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