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Charlotte Williams
Alma mater Imperial College London
Scientific career

University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
University of Minnesota

Imperial College London
Doctoral advisor Vernon C. Gibson

Charlotte Williams is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the synthesis of novel catalysts.

Early life and education[edit]

Williams studied chemistry at Imperial College London, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in chemistry. She completed a PhD with Vernon C. Gibson and Nick Long.[1][2]

Research and career[edit]

Williams joined the University of Cambridge as a postdoctoral research associate working with Andrew Bruce Holmes and Richard Friend.[3] Here she focused on the synthesis of Electroactive polymers.[3] She then moved to University of Minnesota, working in the group of Marc Hillymer and William Tollman on zinc catalysis.[4]

In 2003 Williams was appointed to Imperial College London as a lecturer.[5] She was appointed a Senior Lecturer in 2007, a Reader in 2009 and a Professor in 2012.[3] Here she developed sugar-based biodegradable polymers that were produced from lignocellulosic biomass.[6][7] During her time at Imperial she was an inventor of several granted patents.[1]

She joined Trinity College, Oxford in 2016.[8] Her research focuses on metal complexes for use in homogeneous polymerisation catalysis.[8] She identified catalysts that could use of carbon dioxide as a raw material for polymers, which prompted Williams to start Econic Technologies.[8] Econic Technologies has received over £13 million in funding.[9][10][11][12] She also identified transition metal complex catalysts, biorenewable polymers and liquid fuel production.[13] She has developed switchable catalysts that allow the combination of monomers into block copolymers.[14][15][8] Working with Milo Shaffer at Imperial College London, Williams uses nanoparticles in polymer composites.[16] She is a member of the London Centre for Nanotechnology.[17]

She appears regularly in the media, including on BBC Radio 4's In Our Time[18] and at museums and festivals.[19][20] In 2015 she won the WISE Campaign research award for her eco-plastics start-up.[21]

Honours and awards[edit]

2018 Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker Otto Roelen Medal[22]

2017 UK Catalysis Hub Sir John Meurig Thomas Catalysis Medal[23]

2016 Royal Society of Chemistry Corday-Morgan Prize[1]

2015 WISE Campaign Research Award[21]

2011 Bio-Environmental Polymer Society Outstanding Young Scientist Award[24]

2009 Royal Society of Chemistry Energy, Environment and Sustainability Early Career Award[25]

2005 Royal Society of Chemistry Meldola Medal and Prize[26]

2001 Royal Society of Chemistry Laurie Verangno Award[27]


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