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Charlottenborgs Herrgård
For the former royal residence in Copenhagen, see Charlottenborg Palace; see also Charlottenburg.

Charlottenborg Herrgård is a manor house in Motala, on the shores of Motala Stream, Östergötland, Sweden. The house was built in the mid 17th century by Ludvig Wierich Lewenhaupt and named in honour of his wife, Charlotte von Hohenlohe-Neuenstein.[1] Charlottenborg has been home to both Adam Ludwig Lewenhaupt and Daniel Fraser.[2]

The mid-seventeenth-century house that is shown in an engraving in Erik Dahlberg's monumental topography, Suecia antiqua et hodierna, was rebuilt in more modern fashion in the eighteenth century.

The house is haunted by the Lady in White and the Lady in Black. The Lady in White is said to be the first owner Charlotte Lewenhaupt and she is often seen by the staff and visitors. Today Charlottenborg houses the Motala Museum, with historical exhibitions.


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