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The Charlton Bullseye
The CharltonBullseye01-cover.jpg
The cover of The Charlton Bullseye #1, art by Al Milgrom
CategoriesCharlton Comics news, reviews, and criticism
PublisherCPL Gang
Year founded1975
Final issueSept. 1976
CountryUnited States

The Charton Bullseye was a fanzine published from 1975-76 by the CPL Gang highlighting Charlton Comics. It was a large format publication, with color covers on card stock and black & white interiors. Charton Bullseye published several previously unpublished Charlton superhero and adventure stories, along with articles on Charlton comics, news, reviews, pinups, and more.


The CPL Gang was a group of comics enthusiasts who published the fanzine Contemporary Pictorial Literature (CPL) in the mid-1970s. Founded by Roger Stern and Bob Layton, the CPL Gang included Roger Slifer, Duffy Vohland, and the young John Byrne, all of whom themselves became comics professionals by the tail-end of the 1970s.

CPL rapidly became a popular fan publication, and led to the CPL Gang forming an alliance with Charlton. During the mid-1970s, both Marvel Comics and DC Comics were publishing in-house "fan" publications (F.O.O.M. and The Amazing World of DC Comics respectively), and Charlton wished to make inroads into the superhero market, as well as "establish a fan presence." The CPL Gang first got permission to publish a one-shot called Charlton Portfolio (actually CPL #9/10) in 1974 which included the unpublished sixth issue of Blue Beetle vol. 5 (1967 series).

The positive response to Charlton Portfolio led to the CPL Gang getting approval to publish a Charlton-focused fanzine, Charlton Bullseye.[1] This in turn led to Charlton giving Layton and Stern "access to unpublished material from their vaults by the likes of Steve Ditko, Jeff Jones and a host of others."[1] Much of this material made it into the five issues of Charlton Bullseye.


  1. First half of unpublished Captain Atom #90 story, finished by John Byrne
  2. Second half of unpublished Captain Atom story
  3. Kung Fu Issue, unpublished "Wrong Country" by Sanho Kim intended for Yang.
  4. (Apr. 1976) — new E-man story and first half of unpublished final Doomsday+1 story.
  5. (Sept. 1976) — new The Question story by Alex Toth and second half of unpublished final Doomsday+1 story

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