Charly's School

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Charly's School
Charly's School, April 2011.jpg
José Joaquín Pérez St. 361, Pichilemu, Chile[1][2]
Type Primary and secondary school
Established 1989
Principal Melania Orellana Rojas[1]
Number of students 280 (2012)[1]

Charly's School is a Chilean private school located in Pichilemu, Cardenal Caro Province.


Originally a kindergarten school called Jardín Infantil Jean Piaget, it began teaching primary education in 1988 under the initiative of Carlos Yáñez González and Melania Orellana Rojas, the owners of the jardín infantil, and renamed it to Colegio Jean Piaget. However, it was not recognized as a primary school by the Ministry of Education until 5 March 1990. It was then renamed to Colegio Particular Charly's School. In 1995, it was declared a state-subsidized private school by the Ministry of Education.[3]

In August 2010, the U.S. Embassy in Chile donated computers and books to Charly's School.[4]

Administrative staff[edit]

The administrative staff of Charly's School is composed by 23 teachers, five assistants and five others.[3] The principal of the school is Melania del Carmen Orellana Rojas, the president of the parents' center (centro de padres) is Dolly Rodríguez Pérez, and the president of the students' center (centro de alumnos) is Lina Manríquez Rojas.[1]


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