Charnock Richard Services

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Charnock Richard Services
The main building
Charnock Richard Services is located in Lancashire
Charnock Richard Services
Charnock Richard Services (Lancashire)
County: Lancashire
Road: M6
Coordinates: 53°37′50″N 2°41′30″W / 53.630425°N 2.691779°W / 53.630425; -2.691779Coordinates: 53°37′50″N 2°41′30″W / 53.630425°N 2.691779°W / 53.630425; -2.691779
Operator: Welcome Break
Previous operator(s): Trust House Forte
Date opened: 1963[1]
Website: Welcome Break

Charnock Richard services is a motorway service station, between junctions 27 and 28 of the M6 motorway in England. The services are close to the Wigan, Greater Manchester border. It was the first service station to open on the M6 motorway when it opened in 1963. It is operated by Welcome Break.[2][3]

The complex was designed by Terence Verity of Verity Associates.

The fastfood restaurant is located on the bridge over the motorway, instead of there being one on each side. In 2006 the bridge-restaurant had to be restructured.[3] It was operated by Trust House Forte, when it opened in 1963.[2] The nearest town is Chorley.

Charnock Richard Services, southbound side, has an unusual and unique site layout. It is usual at UK motorway service areas for the fuel fore-court to be the last facility encountered before rejoining the motorway. Charnock Richard services has the fuel fore-court sited at the top of the entry slip-road - i.e. on arrival. Architecture of motorway service areas was then still experimental and this arrangement was not deemed a success and not repeated.



  • Days Inn


  • Burger King
  • deli2go
  • Harry Ramsden's
  • KFC
  • Starbucks
  • Subway


  • WHSmith
  • Waitrose


  • Shell
  • Ecotricity


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