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IndustryMobile games, Advertising
FounderMaria Alegre, Sean Fannan [1][2]
Number of locations
San Francisco, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Beijing
Key people
  • Maria Alegre: Co-founder
  • Sean Fannan: CTO, Co-founder
  • Pepe Agell: Chief Revenue Officer
Number of employees
below 50 as of 2019

Chartboost is a San Francisco-based mobile game discovery and monetization platform. The company, which acts as a business engine for mobile games, allows video game developers to create customized interstitial and video ads, promote new games, and swap traffic with one another. Developers have direct access to game data derived from Chartboost-enabled games.[1][3] As of 2016, Chartboost had been integrated into more than 300,000 games[1] with 40 billion game sessions[1] per month.[1] In 2019, Chartboost has been ranked on a return on investment index and it scored 6th position on Android and 14th on iOS, on both platforms appearing behind mobile ad networks by Google, Facebook, Unity Technologies, Aarki and Vungle.[4] The company has raised $21 million in funding in 2013[2][5] and as of 2019 it hasn't been able to raise new funding. Chartboost operates without a CEO.[6]

Use and features[edit]

Game developers use the Chartboost mobile platform to design custom interstitial and video advertisements, build user bases, generate revenue, negotiate business deals with other developers, as well as track and analyze sales and promotion data.[2][7][8][9][10]


Chartboost’s cross-promotion product allows developers to show promotions for a new game to players in their other games.[11][12]

Direct Deals Marketplace[edit]

Through the Chartboost Direct Deals Marketplace, developers connect and arrange advertising deals with no intermediary or fees.[13] The marketplace aims to increase a game's user base and revenue through easily arranged cross promotion techniques.[13] A Group feature allows multiple developers to partner up on deals, acting as an alternative to one-to-one deals.[14]

Game ad network[edit]

Chartboost only shows promotions to active gamers.[15]


Chartboost Video is a free, games-only technology feature that integrates with the service's Cross-Promotion and Direct Deals Marketplace.[1][3][16] Featuring high-definition videos, Chartboost Video enables developers to customize the design and execution of their video ad campaigns.[3] The service is offered in conjunction with Reward Video, which awards players with virtual currency when they opt to view an offered video.[1][3]


Chartboost InPlay is a customizable, interactive advertisement layer that allows developers to create promotions which display directly in a player's gameplay environment.[17][3][16] InPlay is intended to create promotions that integrate with the look and feel of a particular game.[17][3] The native advertising solution[buzzword] supports standard Chartboost features such as tracking and reporting, player targeting, and cost per impression maximization.[17][3]


Every month, Chartboost releases a global heat map that details the average cost per install on iOS and Android devices.[18] Data for the map is taken from the network of 12 billion Chartboost-enabled monthly game sessions.[18]


Chartboost was launched in 2011 by Maria Alegre (Co-founder) and Sean Fannan (CTO).[6] After departing from Tapulous, the co-founders set out to create an own self-developed platform that allowed game developers to have complete transparency and control over the promotion, sale, revenue, and management of their mobile games.[2][3][6]

In January 2013 Chartboost announced a $19 million Series B funding round led by Sequoia Capital.[19]

In April 2013 Chartboost opened its first international office in Amsterdam.[11] Led by Pepe Agell, the office manages growth throughout Europe.[11]

In February 2016 Chartboost acquired Roostr to connect mobile games with YouTube influencers. [20]


  • In 2014 Chartboost was listed in the VentureBeat Index Report as one of the top 10 mobile advertising companies.[21]
  • In 2014 Maria Alegre was listed in Forbes Magazine's 30 under 30 list of "The Brightest Young Stars in Video Games".[2]
  • In 2014 Chartboost was named "Best Places to Work" by the San Francisco Business Times.[22]
  • In 2013 Maria Alegre was listed in Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 list in "Marketing & Advertising".[23]
  • In 2013 Maria Alegre was listed by El País as one of the Top 100 Most Relevant People of the year.[24]


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