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Founded in 1997, Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) is an education management company in the United States. Charter Schools USA (CSUSA) is the operator of 70 charter schools in seven states including 42 charter schools in Florida.[1] The schools serve more than 60,000 students. AdvancEd awarded CSUSA the first Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) district accreditation for an education management company.[2] The company’s founder, Jonathan Hage, CEO of CSUSA, was selected as Floridian of the year by Florida Trend magazine in its January 2013 issue. [3]

CSUSA management-run schools are tuition-free. Student must wear uniforms and parental involvement is required. Teachers are paid for performance and teach a standard curriculum that includes music, art, sciences and customary classes. Charter Schools USA manages every aspect of the program from marketing for new students, teacher recruitment, curriculum development, equipment and book ordering to financial management and oversight.

Floridian of the Year[edit]

Florida Trend Magazine selected Jonathan Hage, founder and CEO of Charter Schools USA as the Floridian of the Year. Hage was chosen due to his experience in education policy work, and creation of the fastest-growing for-profit charter school management company in the nation.[4] “We designed things here that we thought would be innovative,” says Jonathan Hage, CEO of Fort Lauderdale-based Charter Schools USA, which built and manages the school.[5]

Hage is the eldest of three brothers, growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Both his mother and father taught music, and according to him were “the quintessential teachers.” [6] He went to several public and private schools,eventually enrolling at Nova High School. He attended Trevecca University but soon decided to return home and enroll in ROTC. After enlisting, and four years at the University of Colorado, he graduated with a degree in political science.

Indianapolis Schools[edit]

Charter Schools USA, the Florida-based company was nominated by the state to turn over three failing schools in Indianapolis. This was the first-in-the-nation type project. The three schools managed by Charter Schools USA are Thomas Carr Howe Community High School, Emmerich Mannual High School, and Emma Donnan Middle School. The schools are now given over on a performance contract, which grants the operator, Charter Schools USA, four years to improve.[7]

The turnaround process was first put into motion by a 1999 law, which said schools with student standardized test scores in the lowest category for five straight years could face intervention from the State Board of Education.


  • Aventura City of Excellence School
  • Bonita Springs Charter School
  • Canoe Creek Charter Academy
  • Cape Coral Charter School
  • Coral Springs Charter School
  • Clay Charter Academy
  • Downtown Miami Charter School
  • Duval Charter School at Arlington
  • Duval Charter High School at Baymeadows
  • Duval Charter School at Baymeadows
  • Duval Charter School at Flagler Center
  • Duval Charter School at Mandarin
  • Duval Charter School at Southside
  • Duval Charter School at Westside
  • Four Corners Charter School
  • Four Corners Upper School
  • Gateway Charter High School
  • Gateway Charter School
  • Governors Charter Academy
  • Henderson Hammock Charter School
  • Hollywood Academy of Arts & Science
  • iVirtual League Academy
  • Keys Gate Charter School
  • Keys Gate Charter High School
  • Manatee Charter School
  • North Broward Academy of Excellence
  • PM Wells Charter Academy
  • Renaissance Charter School at Central Palm
  • Renaissance Charter School at Chickasaw Trail
  • Renaissance Charter School at Cooper City
  • Renaissance Charter School at Coral Springs
  • Renaissance Charter School at Cypress
  • Renaissance Charter School at Goldenrod
  • Renaissance Charter School at Hunter’s Creek
  • Renaissance Charter School at Palms West
  • Renaissance Charter School at Pines
  • Renaissance Charter School at Plantation
  • Renaissance Charter School at Poinciana
  • Renaissance Charter School of St. Lucie
  • Renaissance Charter School at Summit
  • Renaissance Charter School at Tapestry
  • Renaissance Charter School at Tradition
  • Renaissance Charter School at University
  • Renaissance Charter School at Wellington
  • Renaissance Charter School at West Palm Beach
  • Renaissance Charter Elementary School at Doral
  • Renaissance Charter Middle School at Doral
  • Six Mile Charter Academy
  • Winthrop Charter School
  • Woodmont Charter School


  • Cherokee Charter Academy
  • Coweta Charter Academy


  • CICS Larry Hawkins
  • CICS Lloyd Bond
  • CICS Longwood
  • CICS Loomis Primary


  • Emma Donnan Elementary & Middle School
  • Emmerich Manual High School
  • Thomas Carr Howe Community High School


  • Baton Rouge Charter Academy at Mid City
  • Iberville Charter Academy
  • Lake Charles Charter Academy
  • Lake Charles College Prep
  • Magnolia School of Excellence
  • South Baton Rouge Charter Academy
  • Southwest Louisiana Charter Academy


  • Success Mile Charter Academy

North Carolina[edit]

  • Cabarrus Charter Academy
  • Cardinal Charter Academy
  • Langtree Charter Academy
  • Kannapolis Charter Academy
  • Iredell Charter Academy