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A Chartered professional is a person who has gained a remarkable level of competence in a particular field of work and as such has been awarded a formal credential by an organization in recognition. It is considered a status of professional competency, and the Chartered status is awarded mainly by professional bodies viz. Bar Council etc. and learned societies. Common in Britain and in the Commonwealth it has been adapted by organizations around the world.

In general Chartered qualifications are considered terminal qualification in a particular field of work. The route to Chartered Qualification is not always by attaining university qualifications, however university qualification may help candidates to prove their competence. Also Chartered qualification may be considered as parallel qualification system (but not similar) to other university qualifications, which may or may not be accepted by each other for the purpose of admission to their higher education programs.

Chartered status originates from and may normally only be awarded by Institutions that have been incorporated under Royal Charter by the British Monarch, hence its prevalent use in the UK and Commonwealth countries, however such is the prestige and credibility of a Chartered designation that some non-UK organisations have taken to issuing Chartered designations without Royal or Parliamentary approval.

The full title may differ from profession to profession.


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