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Charterhouse Bank
HeadquartersLondon, UK
Key people
Sir Victor Blank, (Chairman and CEO)

Charterhouse Bank was a British investment bank.


Charterhouse Bank was incorporated as an investment bank in December 1920.[1] In 1963 Charterhouse Bank merged with S. Japhet and Company, a rival investment bank established by Saemy Japhet (1858–1954), to form Charterhouse Japhet.[2]

A US-based arm, Charterhouse Group, was formed in 1973, but became independent of its parent in the 1980s.[3] In 1981 Charterhouse Japhet acquired Keyser Ullman, a substantial but failing rival.[4] In November 1983, Jacob Rothschild merged his own investment business, RIT & Northern, into Charterhouse Japhet and took a controlling stake in the combined business which was briefly known as Charterhouse J. Rothschild.[5] Rothschild then sold the banking business, still known as Charterhouse Japhet, to the Royal Bank of Scotland in January 1985.[6] From 1985 to 1996 Sir Victor Blank held the posts of Chairman and Chief Executive of the banking business, which reverted to its original name, Charterhouse Bank.[7]

Royal Bank of Scotland sold 90% of Charterhouse Bank (retaining 10%) to two continental banks, Crédit Commercial de France and Berliner Handels- und Frankfurter Bank in February 1993.[8] Crédit Commercial de France acquired Berliner Handels- und Frankfurter Bank in the late 1990s,[9] so consolidating its investment in Charterhouse Bank, but was itself taken over by HSBC in 2000.[10]

In June 2001, the management of Charterhouse Capital Partners, the private equity unit of Charterhouse Bank, completed a management buyout from HSBC to become an independent private equity business.[11] Similarly, in May 2011, the management of HSBC Specialist Investments (later InfraRed Capital Partners) completed a management buyout from HSBC to become an independent infrastructure investment business.[12]


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