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Chartrand et Simonne is a French-Canadian biographical drama television mini-series about social activists Michel Chartrand and Simonne Monet. In total, twelve episodes were produced. The first six aired in 2000 on Radio-Canada and the remaining six in 2003 on Télé-Québec (re-titled as Simonne et Chartrand). The series won a Gemini Award in 2000 for Best Make-up/Hair. It was directed by Alain Chartrand, one of the couple's sons.


The series recounts the life of Michel Chartrand and Simonne Monet, a couple who fought for social change and justice. We witness the battles they face all the while trying to raise a family. From the moment they first meet to Monet's death, decades of activism is outlined, all of which had a significant impact on Quebec society.


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