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Chas Cronk
Chas cronk 2008.jpg
Background information
Birth name Charles Cronk
Genres Progressive rock, art rock, folk rock
Occupation(s) singer-songwriter, musician
Instruments Bass guitar, guitar, bass pedals, keyboards
Years active 1960s - present
Associated acts Strawbs, Cry No More

Chas Cronk is an English rock singer-songwriter and musician, best known as the bassist for the Strawbs from 1973 to 1980, then again from 2004 to the present, as well as touring as part of Steve Hackett's band in the 1980s.



Phillip Goodhand-Tait band[edit]

  • Songfall (1972)


Acoustic Strawbs[edit]

Rick Wakeman[edit]

Cry No More[edit]

  • Smile (1986)
  • Cry No More (1987)
  • Love and Power (1989) (produced by Andy Richards)


  • Mystic Mountain Music (2002)

Lambert Cronk[edit]

  • Touch the Earth (2007)

Steve Hackett[edit]

  • Time Lapse (2001)
  • Live Archive 70/80/90s (2001)


Unless otherwise stated, the details are of the singles released in the UK.


  • "Shine on Silver Sun"/"And Wherefore" (1973)
  • "Hero and Heroine"/"Why" (1974)
  • "Hold on to Me (The Winter Long)"/"Where do You Go" (1974)
  • "Round and Round"/"Heroine's Theme" (1974) (US and Italy only)
  • "Grace Darling"/"Changes Arranges" (1974)
  • "Angel Wine"/"Grace Darling" (1975) (Japan only)
  • "Lemon Pie"/"Don't Try to Change Me" (1975)
  • "Little Sleepy" (1975) (US and Portugal only)
  • "I Only Want My Love to Grow in You"/"Wasting My Time (Thinking of You)" (1976)
  • "So Close and Yet So Far Away"/"The Soldier's Tale" (1976) (US only)
  • "Charmer"/"Beside the Rio Grande" (1976)
  • "Back in the Old Routine"/"Burning for You" (1977)
  • "Keep on Trying"/"Simple Visions" (1977)
  • "Heartbreaker" (1977) (US and South Africa only)
  • "Joey and Me"/"Deadly Nightshade" (1978)
  • "New Beginnings"/"Words of Wisdom" (1978)
  • "I Don't Want to Talk About It"/"The Last Resort" (1978) (US only)




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