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Charles "Chas" Lawther is a British-born Canadian actor, comedian and writer.

Lawther came to local prominence in Toronto when in the 1980s he created the character of Chuck The Security Guard for CFMT-TV's The All-Night Show, on the ostensible premise that as the station's night security he would be allowed to use the broadcast facilities to play classic television shows, short films and music videos between sign-off and 6 a.m.

CFMT bulk-erased all episodes of The All Night Show to reuse the tapes. (Jeff Silverman, the show's producer, did not want the station to reuse the program tapes of the live segments when contract negotiations failed. The show's budget was $450,000 for the year, he wanted $50,000 more for the next year and CFMT wanted the show done for $50,000 less, so the station was going to cancel the show. Silverman ordered the covert bulking of all the program tapes, but 3/4" u-matic copies of some of the show's best moments still survive.)

Lawther and his comedy partner Suzette Couture formed the comedy duo Joined at the Hip, regularly playing comedy venues across Canada and at one point getting their own special on CBC. Lawther has written and hosted several comedy "stand-up mockumentaries" on CBC Radio.[1]

He also wrote episodes for television shows such as Bob and Margaret, King of Kensington, The Raccoons, Rupert, Blazing Dragons and The Neverending Story.

Many know him for his role hosting "The Showcase Revue" after the Showcase channel launched in Canada in the early 1990s.

He also voices several characters in animated TV series such as Babar, The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Tales from the Cryptkeeper, Birdz, Hello Kitty and Friends, Redwall, Corduroy, Ned's Newt, Sylvanian Families, The Adventures of Tintin, Anatole and Rupert.

Lawther is still a working actor, and was a recurring character as a seemingly gormless television executive on CBC's Made in Canada.



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