Chashma, Pakistan

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DistrictMianwali District
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Chashma (Urdu: چشمہ‎) is located in Mianwali District near Kundian, Punjab, Pakistan. It is situated at the left bank of river Indus, in close proximity of Koh-i-Suleiman mountain range. Chashma is famous for the well-known Chashma Barrage built on river Indus. Also, nearby is the Chashma Nuclear Power Plant of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, with two units of 300 megawatt CHASHNUPP-1 and CHASHNUPP-2 and two 325 megawatt CHASHNUPP-3 and CHASHNUPP-4.

Coordinates: 32°25′7″N 71°26′58″E / 32.41861°N 71.44944°E / 32.41861; 71.44944

The Famous Personalities of Chashma Achozai includes Masoom Yaseenzai Kakar and Moiz-Ul-Haq kakar