Chasin' the Bird (song)

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"Chasin' the Bird"
RecordedMay 8, 1947. New York City, US
GenreJazz, bebop
Composer(s)Charlie Parker

"Chasin' the Bird" is a composition by Charlie Parker. The original version, by Parker's quintet, was recorded on May 8, 1947. It has become a jazz standard.[1]


"Chasin' the Bird" is an unusual composition for Parker.[2] Its theme "contains two simultaneous and interlocking melodies played contrapuntally by alto and trumpet."[2]

Original recording[edit]

The composition was first recorded by Parker's quintet, which contained Parker (alto saxophone), Miles Davis (trumpet), Bud Powell (piano), Tommy Potter (bass), and Max Roach (drums).[3] The recording session was in New York City on May 8, 1947, for Savoy Records.[3]


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