Chasing Two Hares

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Chasing Two Hares
Chasing Two Hares.jpg
Directed by Viktor Ivanov
Starring Oleg Borisov
Margarita Krinitsina
Music by Vadim Gomolyaka
Cinematography Vadim Ilyenko
Release date
December 21, 1961
Running time
72 min.
Country Soviet Union
Language Ukrainian

Chasing Two Hares (Ukrainian: За двома зайцями, translit. Za dvoma zaytsiamy), also known as A Kiev Comedy, is a 1961 Soviet comedy film directed by Viktor Ivanov based on the eponymous play by Mykhailo Starytsky.[1][2]


Svirid Petrovich Golokhvosty (Oleg Borisov), unlucky proprietor of a barber shop, is a frivolous fashionist who after going bankrupt decides to fix his affairs with a profitable marriage. He learns by chance that the father of unfortunate looking woman Pronya Prokopovna (Margarita Krinitsyna) is offering a dowry of ten thousand.

During a stroll with his friend on the Saint Vladimir Hill, he sees a beautiful girl Galya (Natalia Naum) and falls in love with her. He boasts to his friends that he will marry Pronya Prokopovna only because of the money and will start an affair with a beauty. One evening Golokhvosty meets Galya and begins to make advances towards her. At this moment Galya's mother, Sekleta Limerikha (Nonna Koperzhinskaya) finds them and makes him swear to marry Galya, which is against the daughter's desire.

The next day, Svirid Petrovich goes on a visit to the Serks and receives a blessing for marriage with Pronya Prokopovna. Returning from the bride, he accidentally encounters Sekleta and goes to her name day. There, Sekleta informs the guests that Galya and Svirid are now bride and groom. Galya escapes to her beloved Stepan directly from the engagement and asks for his protection, he manages to calm her down.

The wedding day is coming, but the plans of the Golokhvosty are not meant to come true: Sekleti's friends who attended the engagement of Svirid Petrovich with Galya, accidentally find out about his upcoming wedding with Pronya Prokopovna and inform Sekleta. She runs to the church and announces to those present that Svirid Petrovich is engaged to her daughter, and that he wishes to marry Pronya only because of the generous dowry.

Pronya Prokopovna and her parents drive away the treacherous bridegroom, and the usurer informs everyone that Golokhvosty is bankrupt, and is not the prosperous groom whom he pretended to be.

Left without anything, Svirid Petrovich leaves with his idler friends.


  • Oleg Borisov - Svyryd Petrovych Holokhvostyi ("Galakhvastov")
  • Marharyta Krynytsyna - Pronia Prokopivna Sirko ("Priska")
  • Mykola Yakovenko - Prokip Svyrydovych Sirko, father of Pronia
  • Hanna Kushnirenko - Yavdokha Pylypivna Sirko, mother of Pronia
  • Nonna Koperzhynska - Sekleta Pylypivna Lymerykha, sister of Evdokia Filippovna
  • Natalia Naum - Halia, daughter of Sekleta Pylypivna
  • Anatoliy Yurchenko - Stepan, the groom of Halia
  • Kostiantyn Yershov - Dancer, friend of Holokhvostyi
  • Taisiya Lytvynenko - Khymka, servant of the Sirkos
  • Olga Wickland - Mademoiselle Ninon, hostess of the guesthouse


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