Chaska High School

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Chaska High School
545 Pioneer Trail
Chaska, Minnesota,
Type Public high school

Excellence. Tradition. Community. (Academics)

Soar Hawks. (Athletics)
Established 1905
School district Eastern Carver Country Schools (ISD 112)
Principal Jim Bach
Faculty 180
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1,402 (2014-15)[1]
Color(s) Purple, White, Gold               
Mascot Hawk
Rival Chanhassen High School

Chaska Senior High School (CHS) is a public high school located in Chaska, Minnesota, a southwestern suburb of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. CHS is a 9th-12 grade school; About 1252 students attend CHS.[2]

The schools mascot is the "Hawk", with the school colors being purple, white, and gold.


Chaska High School first opened in the early 1900s with its first graduating class in 1906. Since then, Chaska High School has moved to newer facilities three times. Currently, Chaska High School resides at 545 Pioneer Trail. The present facility opened in 1996.

Current facilities[edit]

Chaska's current facilities feature auditorium, several gymnasiums, a cafeteria, tech-ed labs, computer labs, a media center, a stadium, and several athletic fields. Originally designed for 1,600 students, the school received a substantial addition in 2004.


Chaska High School is organized into four main houses:

  • Purple House
  • Blue House
  • Red House
  • Green House

Each house has two stories and similar design. They are connected by one large hallway. This main hallway is a little less than one quarter mile long. There is also a South Wing of the high school, south of the main hallway, which holds the cafeteria and connects to the activities section of the school. Starting 2012, the Green House was converted into the Family Learning Center, a pre-school setting. As of 2017, the Green House returned to a normal high school setting, holding mostly freshmen.

The school's main hallway.

Media Center[edit]

The Chaska High School media center is the school's library and technology center. It has four separate labs; two of which use Dell PCs and two which use Apple computers. The first floor consists of the library proper, as well as all PCs. Second floor houses the Apple computer labs, as well as Jumpstart studios, the semi-weekly school news program. The media center area also holds the copy room, tech support and all other IT services for the school. During the 2007-2008 school year, the Media Center and 2 engineering labs received brand new computers to help enhance the student experience.

The South Wing[edit]

This takes up about half the school's area. It consists of the band room, choir room, cafeteria, the auditorium, two gymnasiums, the weight room, locker rooms, workshops, additional classrooms, the activities office, athletic locker rooms, and other athletic-related areas. It is connected through the blue house and the media center. The cafeteria is one story with a high cone glass roof, but the athletic area is two stories.



Chaska High School has four choirs, three bands, and many extracurricular groups offer a wide range of music styles and levels. There are four in-school choirs: Cantare, Vivace, Bel Canto, and Concert Choir, and three in-school bands: Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony.

Academic teams[edit]

Chaska High School actively participates in several academic leagues, including Quiz Bowl, Knowledge Bowl, Science Bowl, Math League, and the American Mathematics Contest. In the 2005-2006 school year, Chaska Knowledge Bowl placed 2nd in the state competition, as well as in a series of televised Quiz Bowl matches titled Face Off Minnesota. Also, Chaska Quiz Bowl, led by captain Rob Carson with teammates Andrew Hart, Jon Martin and Andrew Guyton placed 2nd in national competition, defeating St. Thomas Academy to advance to the championship round.

Chaska has won State Knowledge Bowl Championships in 1992, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2003, 2009, 2012.


Chaska High School is part of the Metro West Conference in the Minnesota State High School League.

State Championships
Season Sport Number of Championships Year
Winter Volleyball 7 1991, 1992, 1995, 1996, 2005, 2006,2014
Dance 5 1999, 2012(j), 2012(k), 2013 (j), 2013 (k)
Diving, Boys 1 2008
Basketball, Boys 1 2004
Bowling 1 2008
Spring Golf 1 1979
Total 15

Notable alumni[edit]

Coordinates: 44°49′27″N 93°35′22″W / 44.8242289°N 93.5895252°W / 44.8242289; -93.5895252[12]


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