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the Chassezac
Country France
Physical characteristics
Main source in Saint-Frézal-d'Albuges
1,350 m (4,430 ft)
44°35′30″N 03°46′47″E / 44.59167°N 3.77972°E / 44.59167; 3.77972
River mouth Ardèche
95 m (312 ft)
44°25′39″N 04°19′12″E / 44.42750°N 4.32000°E / 44.42750; 4.32000Coordinates: 44°25′39″N 04°19′12″E / 44.42750°N 4.32000°E / 44.42750; 4.32000
Length 84.6 km (52.6 mi)
  • Average rate:
    15.3 m3/s (540 cu ft/s)
Basin features
Progression ArdècheRhôneMediterranean Sea
Basin size 560 km2 (220 sq mi)

The Chassezac (French: le Chassezac) is an 84.6 km (52.6 mi) long river in the Lozère, Gard and Ardèche départements, southern France, right tributary of the Ardèche. Its source is in the commune of Saint-Frézal-d'Albuges, 2.8 km (1.7 mi) northeast of Les Chazeaux, main hamlet in the commune. It flows generally southeast and flows into the Ardèche at Saint-Alban-Auriolles, 1.8 km (1.1 mi) east of the village itself.

Départements and communes it runs through[edit]

The following list is ordered from source to mouth :