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Chat or chats may refer to:-



  • Chat (magazine), a British weekly women's magazine
  • CHAT-FM, a radio station (94.5 FM) licensed to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
  • CHAT-TV, a television station (channel 6) licensed to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
  • Le Chat, a Belgian comic strip
  • Sophia "Chat" Sanduval, a character in Marvel Comics


Science and medicine[edit]


  • Chat (bird), Old World flycatchers of subfamily Saxicolinae, which resemble small thrushes, as well as:
    • Australian chats, unrelated songbirds of genera Ashbyia and Epthianura (family Meliphagidae)
    • American chats, unrelated songbirds of genus Granatellus (family Cardinalidae)
    • Yellow-breasted chat (Icteria virens), an enigmatic North American songbird of unresolved affiliations

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