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Chateau Yaldara

Coordinates: 34°34′34″S 138°52′28″E / 34.576059°S 138.874466°E / -34.576059; 138.874466
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Chateau Yaldara
Photograph of the front of the Chateau building
Chateau Yaldara
LocationLyndoch, South Australia, Australia
Coordinates34°34′34″S 138°52′28″E / 34.576059°S 138.874466°E / -34.576059; 138.874466
Wine regionBarossa Valley
Founded1947 (1947)
Key people
  • Hermann Thumm (founder)
  • Zhitai Wang (1847 Wines)
  • Kuifen Wang (1847 Wines)
Parent company1847 Wines
VarietalsShiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Pinot gris, Sauvignon blanc, [1]
Other productsTawny
TastingSeven days 10am to 5pm [2]

Chateau Yaldara is an Australian winery located near Lyndoch, South Australia in the historic Barossa Valley wine-growing region.[3][4]


The winery was founded by the Hermann Thumm in 1947 after he emigrated to Australia from Europe in 1946.[5] The site chosen for the winery was on the banks of the North Para River[6] at an old flour mill dating back to 1855. The winery was named "Yaldara" after the local Aboriginal word meaning "sparkling".[5]

The Seekers filmed the video for Turn, Turn, Turn at the winery in 1967.[7][8]

After over fifty years ownership, Hermann Thumm sold the winery in 1999 to the wine company McGuigan Wines.[5] In 2014, it was purchased by 1847, a wine company owned by Zhitai Wang of New South Wales and Kuifen Wang of Qingdao, in Shandong, China.[5]

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