Chath: A Roof Without Walls

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Chath: A Roof Without Walls is a film that tackles the issue of homelessness in NYC.


When Bob and Rex both homeless and originally from India meet each other, the experience is far from pleasant. Bob is the bully and Rex gets pushed around. They ultimately find a common ground to co-exist. Food and shelter are their only goals in life and they remain distant from ambitions and desires. Things start to change when they meet Sahana, a homeless Indian girl. Her views attract Bob's senses. He slowly starts questioning the very existence of his self and wants to face the truth and change. Rex is content with the present. Sahana’s presence slowly creates a rift in their friendship.



  • Bobby Singh: Sanjay Malhotra
  • Rex: Liyakat Khan Pathan
  • Sahana: Charu Gupta
  • Sahana's Dad: JJ
  • Sahana's Mom: Kamal Daruwala
  • Simran: Shayna Glassman
  • Neighbour: Sarah Tyler