Chatham Island, Chile

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This article is about island in Chile. For other places, see Chatham Island (disambiguation).
West coast of Chile
Coordinates 50°40′57″S 74°21′06″W / 50.682544°S 74.351786°W / -50.682544; -74.351786Coordinates: 50°40′57″S 74°21′06″W / 50.682544°S 74.351786°W / -50.682544; -74.351786
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Area 696 km2 (269 sq mi)
Coastline 355.0 km (220.59 mi)
Region Magallanes
Province [[]]
Commune [[]]
Additional information
NGA UFI=-876684

Chatham Island (Spanish: Isla Chatham) is an island in the Magallanes Region, Chile.

Cape Charles the southwest point of Chatham Island, is the most prominent of the many headlands in that vicinity. The cape is high, rugged, and barren.

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