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Coordinates: 51°20′11.61″N 1°24′58.21″E / 51.3365583°N 1.4161694°E / 51.3365583; 1.4161694

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School
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TypeGrammar school
Local authorityKent
Head teacherMrs D Liddicoat
Age11 to 18

Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School is a co-educational grammar school in Ramsgate, Kent, England, formed as a result of the merger of the boys-only Chatham House Grammar School and girls-only Clarendon House Grammar School in September 2011.


Chatham House was officially founded in 1797 by Dr William Humble along Chatham Street, although there is some evidence of existence prior to its formal establishment.[1] Clarendon House was founded in 1905 on the first floor of the old police station.[2]


Both schools were single-sex up to and including Year 11, while allowing boys and girls to enter in the 6th form.

Due to the close proximity of the two schools (within a few minutes' walk of each other), the two schools worked together to provide subjects, bands, and outings. Some AS and A level subjects were taught either jointly or by one school but available to students of the other.


In 2009, Chatham House and Clarendon House formed the Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School Federation.[3] The Federation became a new converter Academy in January 2011,[3] bringing greater control over admissions, site & buildings, curriculum development and much-needed additional income.

Expansion and status[edit]

In Spring 2011, it was announced that the schools would work together as one school. Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils would be based at Chatham House and year 10 and 11 pupils would be based at the former Clarendon House. The CCVI sixth form centre would be based on both sites with all lessons being split between them.

In this intermediate stage, Year 9 was to be moved to the lower school while the decisions about houses were being taken.

House System[edit]

As the two schools became one, the house systems needed to change as Clarendon House had 4 houses for the entire school with Chatham having 4 different houses in the lower and upper school.

As a result of student voting, from September 2011, the new houses consisted of Thomas-Sharman (TS), Rothschild-Pearce (RP), Mann-Somerville (MS) and Knight-Heath (KH),[4] double-barrelled amalgamations of old Chatham and Clarendon house names. It was announced that the new house colours would be Red, Blue, Silver and Gold.

House Competitions

There is an annual House Competition within the school as the 4 different houses compete in competitions to increase their total score. The house with the greatest score at the end of each academic year is the winning house.

Academic Year KH (Knight Heath) MS (Mann Somerville) RP (Rothschild Pearce) TS (Thomas Sharman)
2013 - 2014 [5] 5605 6150 6825 6225
2014 - 2015 [6] 5125 5925 6825 6650
2015 - 2016 (As of Term 3 out of 6) 3150 2950 3300 3075

Awards System[edit]

In both Schools, as a form of award, teachers may give out rewards known as Achievement Points or Commendations. Depending on the amount which a pupil has, there are various certificates which are given, and also a prize in the form of a pin badge, which students can wear on their uniform. Below are the awards which pupils may receive, and the higher the commendations needed, usually the harder it is to obtain the specific certificate.

Award Achievement Points
Lower School Red Certificate 10
Blue Certificate 20
Green Certificate 30
Bronze Certificate 40
Silver Certificate 60
Gold Certificate 80
Platinum Certificate 100
Lower School &

Upper School

CCGS Color Badge 50
CCGS Silver Badge 100
CCGS Gold Badge 150

Note that some houses repeat the commendation certificates for a second, third or possibly fourth round if pupils gain 100 commendations - which warrants a Red Certificate No. 2. However, not all houses do this and some just keep to the standard seven certificates.

Notable alumni[edit]

Alumni of Chatham House are known as Old Ruymians.

Former prime minister Edward Heath was an Old Ruymian

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