Chato District

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Chato District
Map showing Chato District's location within Geita Region.
Map showing Chato District's location within Geita Region.
Coordinates: 02°38′00″S 031°46′00″E / 2.63333°S 31.76667°E / -2.63333; 31.76667Coordinates: 02°38′00″S 031°46′00″E / 2.63333°S 31.76667°E / -2.63333; 31.76667
Country Tanziana
Region Geita
District Chato
Population (2012)[1]
 • Total 365,127
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Postcode 30xxx
Area code(s) 028

Chato District is one of the five districts in Geita Region of northwestern Tanzania. Its administrative centre is the town of Chato.[2] The main ethnic group in the district are the Sukuma.[3] John Magufuli who was elected as President of Tanzania in 2015, was born in Chato in 1959.[4]


The Chato District was formed around 2005 within Kagera Region after being separated from Biharamulo District. In 2012, it was transferred to the newly created Geita Region.[5][6]

In March 2006, Rwandan refugees who had settled in the district were evicted. The following year, a few who had been evicted improperly were allowed to come back.[7]


The annual rainfall in Chato District is adequate for crops, being between 700 and 1,000 millimetres (28 and 39 in) per year. The maximum temperature averages around 30.5 °C (86.9 °F) and the minimum temperatures around 26.6 °C (79.9 °F).[3]


The Chato District is divided into 23 wards:[1]


The primary economic activity is subsistence farming without irrigation, using only rain. Common crops for local consumption are bananas, beans, maize, cassavas, and sweet potatoes. Commercial farming is not well developed, but cotton, tobacco, and coffee are grown for sale. Livestock rearing is usually an adjunct to farming, with some commercial ranches.[3]


Rubondo Island National Park is located on an island in Lake Victoria just of the coast of Chato District. It can be reached by ferry from Kasenda, a village in the north of the district.[8]


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