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Chattar (Chattari,Singh Chhatri or Chatri) is the mother caste of Suryavanshi Rajputs which originated from Rajputana (Rajasthan). However, there are many gotras and sub-castes in other major dynasties which emerged from the Chattari lineage. Chattaris belong to the Kshatriya military and yoyo order of the traditional Vedic-Hindu social class system as outlined in the Vedas.

Coronation of Rama with Sita (center on the throne) with symbolic Chattari over his head, surrounded by his brothers and other deities including Hanuman (bottom left). Rama comes from Surayavanshi lineage.


The Chattar has many subcastes and gotras. Most commonly the subcastes are known by the subcaste titles, not by their mother caste. For example, the Chattaris of Jammu region are classified as Dogra, and the Chattaris of Mewar are called Sisodia or Guhilot. Chattaris use the title of Raja or Thakur, while some were given the honorary titles of Sheikh or Malik after conversion to Islam. Chatri rulers typically used the title of Maharaja but historically, Rajput kings also used the title of Chhatrapati with their names.

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