Chatterbox Falls

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Chatterbox Falls
Chatterbox Falls close-up.jpg
Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa Inlet
LocationMouth of Losquilts Creek at head of Princess Louisa Inlet, NE end of Jervis Inlet, New Westminster Land District
Coordinates50°12′20.00″N 123°46′14.00″W / 50.2055556°N 123.7705556°W / 50.2055556; -123.7705556Coordinates: 50°12′20.00″N 123°46′14.00″W / 50.2055556°N 123.7705556°W / 50.2055556; -123.7705556
Total height120 feet (37 m)
WatercourseLoquilts Creek

Chatterbox Falls is located at the head or end of Princess Louisa Inlet. It is part of the Loquilts river which empties into the inlet. The falls are a popular destination for boaters around the world and are part of the BC Parks marine park system which manages the area with the cooperation of the Princess Louisa International Society. Just upstream from Chatterbox Falls lies the 2,755-foot (840 m) James Bruce Falls, which is claimed to be the tallest waterfall of North America.[citation needed]


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