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An 1847 painting of Park House, Chatteris before its demolition. Elements of the dissolved abbey can be seen in the walls, including Norman arches.

Chatteris Abbey in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire was founded as a monastery for Benedictine nuns in 1016 by Ednoth, Bishop of Dorchester. Before 1310 much of the monastery was destroyed by fire. By the middle of the 14th century, some of the local families appear to have been using the nave of the monastic church as their parochial church.

Despite being of little value, the abbey survived the first wave of closures during the dissolution, and was finally surrendered to the Kings commissioners in 1538, by which time there were eleven nuns in residence. At this date many families still used the abbey church as parochial but this, unusually, did not save it from demolition, the parishioners being transferred to another church in the area. A range of the cloister buildings survived as part of a mansion known as Park House. This was demolished in 1847 and the site has now completely vanished beneath streets and housing.


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