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Chatterjee/Chatarjee (sometimes Chatterji or Chatterjea or chatarjee) Chêṭarji) is an Indian family name of the Bengali Brahmin caste. It is a variant of Chattopadhyay(a).[citation needed] Chattopadhyay (compound of village name "Chaṭṭa" and "upādhyāya" denoting "priest, teacher" originally granted with the village named Chaṭṭa) is the Sanskritized form of the local Prakrit word "chaturjye", anglicized to Chatterjee. Upadhyays from Chattol area of gangetic Bengals were popularly known as Chattopadhyay or Chatterjee. The renowned 19th century mystic Gadadhar Chattopadhyay or Sri Ramakrishna is from this caste.

Lineage and ancestry[edit]

Chatterjees or Chatarjees are from the ancient Kashyap Gotra, which means all Chatterjees are descended from the ancient sage Kashyapa, son of Marichi as per the Puranas. Together with Mukherjees, Banerjees, Bhattacharjees and Gangulys, Chatterjees form the Kulin Brahmins, the highest tier of the Bengali caste system.


Families with surname Deogharia are also Chatterjees. The title of Deogharia belongs to Chatterjee families and are of Kashyap gotra of erstwhile Panchkot kingdom (near Adra, Purulia, West Bengal). "DEOGHARIA" is the title given by the regional kings to those KULIN RADHI BRAHMIN OR KANYAKUBJA BRAHMIN, who were appointed as RAJPUJARI for their area (eg for chotanagpur area padma maharaja , ratu maharaja are given Deogharia upadhi for the rajpurari of Ranchi and lohardagga area,AND/or Maanbhum's king like dhanbad's surrounded area and puruliya's ANARA area(Kashipur Rajbari) or SINGBHUM's area ruler's kept them on khutti , chiabasa and jamsedpur area ) .The original title may be Mukherjee,banarjee chatterji,ganguli, mishra.Some of our angsester are may be from Chinpina, CHATTERJEE brahmin's are called DEOGHORIA, upadhi given by Kashipur Rajbari.

Notable Chatterjees[edit]

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