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The Chatterton Institute for Policy Research & Development is an Australian not-for-profit think tank established in 2008. The Institute was founded by trade unionist Ben Tarwin and business identity Matthew Andrianakos. The Chatterton Institute was formed largely in reaction to urban planning issues associated with the New South Wales government.

The CIFPR&D is working on a white paper (tentatively titled 'Towards A Greater Understanding Of Liminal Transportation Modes: The Linear Business District') due for publication by Thornwell Press in early 2010. In it, co-authors Tarwin and Black develop Stanton and Le Roussier's Compound Theory of Urban Reposition, arguing for a re-imagining of urban fluidity, with particular reference to Sydney and its surrounding environs.

A paper discussing the benefits of 24-hour take away alcohol sales in NSW is due in July 2011. Co-written by Tarwin and Chatterton Institute project manager and strategist Jasper Clifford-Smith the paper discusses the benefits of round the clock alcohol sales for the consumer, business and the police.[1]



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