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Chattery Teeth are a children's wind-up toy designed by Eddy Goldfarb for design company Marvin Glass and Associates. Originally called "Yakkity Yak Talking Teeth" upon release in 1949 by novelty company H. Fishlove & Co.,[1] a pair of mechanized teeth are wound up at the back, and the teeth clatter together. Reproductions are today sold at novelty stores. While most chattery teeth come equipped with walking feet, many models do not.

Goldfarb's original design, which he claimed was inspired by his mother-in-law, was awarded U.S. Patent 2,504,679 from the U.S. Patent Office. H. Fishlove, now a division of magic trick and novelty manufacturer Fun Inc., still produces chattery teeth based on Goldfarb's specifications.[1]

Chattery Teeth are also commonly seen in toy shops in cartoons.

The Toy is used as the logo for Rooster Teeth alongside a silhouette of a Rooster.


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