Chaturbhuj Temple (Khajuraho)

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Chaturbhuj Temple
Chaturbhuj temple at Khajuraho
Chaturbhuj temple at Khajuraho
Chaturbhuj Temple is located in Madhya Pradesh
Chaturbhuj Temple
Chaturbhuj Temple
Location in Madhya Pradesh
Proper name Chaturbhuj Temple (Jatakari Temple)
Devanagari चतुर्भुज मंदिर (जटकारी मंदिर)
Coordinates 24°51′11″N 79°55′10″E / 24.85306°N 79.91944°E / 24.85306; 79.91944Coordinates: 24°51′11″N 79°55′10″E / 24.85306°N 79.91944°E / 24.85306; 79.91944
Country India
State Madhya Pradesh
District Chattarpur, Khajuraho[1]
Location Khajuraho[1]
Primary deity Vishnu[1]
Number of temples 1
History and governance
Date built Date-able to C. E. 1100 A.D.[1]
Creator Chandella Rulers

Chaturbhuj temple (Devanagri: चतुर्भुज मंदिर) is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.[1] The name Chaturbhuj (Devanagri: चतुर्भुज) is a derived from Sanskrit words चतु: = four and भुजा = arms, which literally means One who has four arms; and refers to Lord Vishnu.

The temple is Date-able to CIRCA 1100 A.D.[1] This temple is also known as Jatakari[1](Devanagri:जटकारी) Temple on the name of the village Jatakari[1](Devanagri:जटकारी), where it is located.

This is the only temple in Khajuraho which lacks erotic sculptures.[1]

Yasovarman of the Chandela Dynasty built the temple at Khajuraho. The temple contains an image of Vishnu.[2]:22


This temple is located near a village Jatakara at Khajuraho.[1] This temple is also known as Jatakari[1] Temple on the name of the village.

It is grouped under southern group of temples, due to is location in southern area of Khajuraho.


The temple consists of a sanctum without ambulatory, vestibule,[1] mandapa[1] and an entrance porch.[1] The temple stands on a Modest (chabutara).

Around the wall, there are three bands[1] of sculptures (see also image of outer wall).

Main Idol[edit]

The main idol in the temple is of four-armed Lord Vishnu (also seen in the image). It is 2.7 meters[1] in height.This Idol is south faced as the favorite location of lord Vishnu, same south facing plan is incorporated in Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia.



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