Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 submachine gun

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Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 submachine gun
Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 submachine gun.jpg
The Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 submachine gun using a Mannlicher–Berthier clip
TypeSubmachine gun
Personal defense weapon
Place of originFrance
Service history
In service1918
Used byFrance
WarsWorld War I
Production history
DesignerRibeyrolles, Sutter and Chauchat (RSC)
ManufacturerRibeyrolles, Sutter and Chauchat (RSC)
Mass4 kilograms (8.8 lb)
Length57.5 centimetres (22.6 in)
Barrel length34.0 centimetres (13.4 in)

Cartridge8mm Lebel (8×50mm R)
Feed system8-round Mannlicher–Berthier clip (early models)
16-round box magazine (later models)

The Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 submachine gun is a French prototype automatic weapon.

In 1917, the French Army adopted the Mle. 1917 semi-automatic rifle made by Ribeyrolles, Sutter and Chauchat (RSC), who already developed the "Chauchat" Mle. 1915 LMG.

In 1918, they presented a "pistolet-mitrailleur" (submachine gun), meant to be used for close-range protection for the French tank crews. The weapon is based on the RSC Mle. 1917 semi-automatic rifle mechanism. The first trials used a Mannlicher–Berthier clip holding eight cartridges. The trials continued until 1919 with a weapon using the same magazine as the Chauchat. The results were satisfactory but the weapon was too powerful for the intended self-protection use. A mix of standard and tracer bullets was planned to be used to assist in aiming.

Due to the fact that the weapon was a compact carbine meant for self-protection use, it could be considered the first personal defense weapon of all time.

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