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Chaudhary Ishwar Singh was a leader of the Congress Party and served as the speaker of Haryana Vidhan Sabha from 1991–1996. He was elected an MLA from the Pundri constituency of Haryana four times.


Chaudhary Ishwar Singh was born in Staundi, a village in the Karnal district. He was born in the Ror community and his gotra name was Dhakla. He began his career as a teacher in the village of Kaul. Kaul is the biggest village of the Ror community and falls under Kaithal district.

Political career[edit]

Chaudhary Ishwar Singh impressed the people of Kaul with his sincerity and desire to work for the betterment of the community. He was also a great orator and words flowed easily from his tongue. He often used to talk about the great ancient history of Kaul. There is a very ancient fort in the village and Chaudhary Ishwar Singh Dhakla often said that this was the place where the wheel of Karna's chariot got stuck during his final fight against Arjun in Mahabharat.

Chaudhary Ishwar Singh was elected to the Haryana Assembly as an independent candidate for the first time in 1968 and then again in 1972, 1982 and 1991 on Congress party ticket. He was a man of vision and was very instrumental in setting up many educational institutions. He served as the Speaker of the Haryana Vidhan Sabha from 1991–1996 under the last Bhajan Lal government of Haryana.[1]

Social contribution[edit]

His contribution to Ror community, which is found in a very small area of Haryana, is unparalleled. He was instrumental in putting them on the political map of Haryana. He wielded tremendous influence due to his closeness to Bhajan Lal, the stalwart Bishnoi leader and Chief Minister of Haryana on several occasions. Apart from that, Ishwar Singh Ji did a lot of social work. He ensured the opening of many educational institutions in his constituency of Pundri. He also had a power station built close to the village of Kaul. He stressed on women education. He always said that "if a male is educated a family will be educated but if a female will educated the whole society will be educated". In this context he established three women colleges named as Ch. Ishwar Singh Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Fatehpur-Pundri (Kaithal) in 1984, and Ch. Ishwar Singh Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Dhand-Dadwana (Kaithal), Ch. Ishwar Singh Mahila Shikshan Mahavidyalaya, Fatehpur-Pundri (Kaithal) in 1994. These colleges imparting higher education to the girls of about sixty villages.


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