Chauffe à bloc

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Chauffé à bloc
Chauffe à bloc.jpg
EP by Big Sugar
Released 1999
Genre Blues rock, reggae fusion, alternative rock
Label A&M
Producer Gordie Johnson
Big Sugar chronology
Chauffé à bloc
Extra Long Life

Chauffé à bloc is an EP by Canadian rock band Big Sugar, released in 1999.

In 1996, Big Sugar decided to record a French language version of the single "Open Up Baby", from the album Hemi-Vision, for radio airplay in Quebec. The experiment was successful, and following the released of 1998's Heated, the band recorded a French rendition of each single released from that album, as well as a French-only cover of Gilles Valiquette's 1973 hit "Je suis cool".

Chauffé à bloc collects all five of the French songs. For their next album, 2001's Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready?, the band recorded the entire album in both English and French, and simultaneously released both versions as separate albums. The French recording was titled Brothers and Sisters, Êtes Vous Ready?.

Translation assistance on the lyrics was provided by the Quebec rock band The Respectables.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "(Pas) Envie d'allumer"
  2. "Je suis cool"
  3. "C'est moi qui règne"
  4. "Better Get Used to it (Version Française)"
  5. "Ouvres-toi bébé"