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Chauncey Osborne Hosford [1] (December 27, 1820 – 1911) was a pioneer and Methodist missionary in Oregon Country.


He was born in Lexington Heights, New York to the highly religious Willis and Lucia Hosford.[2] Hosford came to Oregon in 1845 with his brother Erwin, and worked for Philip Foster. He later boarded with David Leslie and attended the Oregon Institute.[2] In 1847 Hosford convened the first formal religious gatherings in Portland, Oregon.[2]

Hosford later traveled to Placerville, California, to search for gold during the California Gold Rush. He made some money, and moved to San Francisco.[2] He returned to Oregon in 1851, and started the first school in Astoria.[2]

Hosford continued ministering in various places in Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, and filed a land claim in Marion County.[2]

In 1861 Hosford purchased 200 acres (0.81 km2) across the top of Mount Tabor in East Portland.[2]

There is a middle school in southeast Portland named for Hosford. By extension, the Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood (named for the school) also bears his name.


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