Chauriyasi Mewada Brahmin

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The Chauriyasi Mewada Brahmin are a Brahmin community found in the state of Gujarat in India.

The history[edit]

The migration: Rahap 3rd son of Rawal Ran Singh went to Dharampur near Bulsar in about A.D. 1158-1168 from Chittor. That time Udaipur did not exist. Thus along with Rana Rahap people also had migrated to Dharampur. There are Eighty four Brahmin sects in Rajasthan, thus the Brahmins belonging to the 84 Brahmin clans might have formed the Chauriyasi Mewada Brahmin cast, ancestral records say that there were five families who had come to the south of Gujarat and to facilitate all the cultural activities and marriage convenience they formed The Chauriyasi Mewada Brahmin Samaj. Only two names from the five families are to be known from the ancestral records. Sri Eknathji and Sri Dullabhji were among the five families who came to south Gujarat.

The Ishta Dev[edit]

Sri. Eklingji Is the Ishta Deva of the people belonging to the Chauriyasi Mewada Brahmin Community. Eklingji, a religious place from every angle it is also well known as Kailashpuri or the abode of Shiva, the family deity of the ruling Mewar dynasty. The temple is situated at 20 kilometers from Udaipur.

The Gram Devta[edit]

Ghanteshwar Mahadev, a small temple to Shiva built in the 19th century is located at Udvada in Pardi Taluka.

Kula Devi[edit]

Katyani mata is Worshiped as the Kula Devi Or the Family goddess by the people.