Chavit (film)

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Directed by Carlo J. Caparas
Produced by Carlo J. Caparas ; Donna Villa
Written by Chavit Singson
Starring Cesar Montano
Eddie Garcia
Dina Bonnevie
Tommy Abuel
Tirso Cruz III
Pinky de Leon
Clavel Bendaña
Release date
Country Philippines
Language Filipino;Tagalog

Chavit, also known as Chavit Singson Story and Chavit: Blood Son of Ilocos, is a 2003 Filipino biographical adventure film drama produced and directed by Carlo J. Caparas starring Filipino actors Cesar Montano, Eddie Garcia and Dina Bonnevie.


This movie is about the story of Luis "Chavit" Singson (born 1941), a Philippine politician, and the Governor of the Ilocos Sur province in the Philippines. Singson started EDSA II in October 2000 when he alleged he gave Philippine President Joseph Estrada 400 million pesos as payoff from illegal gambling profits.

Estrada was put under investigation, but on 16 January 2001, a key piece of evidence was blocked in court, leading to protests in Manila and other major cities backing then vice president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo resulting in the ouster of Joseph Estrada.


The movie starts with the origin of the Singsons of Ilocos Sur. Then came the birth of Jose and Caridad's second son Luis. Then came a series of killings within the province. It came as no surprise, that the Crisostomos were responsible for the killings especially during the wedding of Luis and Evelyn Verzosa. Then, Representative Claro Crisostomo endorses his wife Milagring for the governorship of the province in 1963. This became the start of the "Operation Withdraw" where all mayors of Ilocos Sur are threatened to withdraw their candidacy. Chavit became the chief of police in Vigan. Then the barangays want him to run for mayor of Vigan. But, his father decided to run and Chavit ran for councilor. Chavit became the champion of the Ilocanos especially those victims of the Crisostomos, most especially Biboy. This became the start of the rivalry between the Singsons and the Crisostomos. Chavit sought the help of Ninoy Aquino.

Then came the burning in Ora Este and Ora Centro in Bantay, Ilocos Sur. It was perpetrated by Biboy. Then, on October 18, 1970, Congressman Claro was assassinated at the Vigan Cathedral. Chavit challenged Milagring for the governorship and won. Until Martial Law came. Biboy was convicted for arson and sentenced to life imprisonment. While behind bars, Biboy suddenly had a change of heart through bible studies. Afterwards, Biboy was released. During the People Power, Chavit was ousted, but due to his charisma, he was elected to Congress, and returned to his former post. Then came the controversy of Joseph Estrada, that led to the Second People Power.


Some of the characters were changed and their real names are enclosed in parenthesis.


The role played by Dina Bonnevie was originally intended for Snooky Serna.[2] In the scene where Singson was shown crying following his brother's death, the former governor was played by his real son, Christopher.[3] Impersonator Willie Nepomuceno played two roles in the movie, first was for Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and the other is Joseph Estrada, one of his popular roles.


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