Chavda dynasty

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Chavda dynasty


Capital Anhilwad Patan
Languages Old Gujarati, Prakrit
Religion Hinduism, Jainism
Government Monarchy
 -  Established 746
 -  Disestablished 942

The Chavda dynasty (Chawda, Chavada, Chapa, Chaparana, Chapokata) was a Hindu Kshatriya family line that ruled what is now northern Gujarat from 746 to 942.


There were five Chavda kings after Vanraj. The last king Samantsinh Chavda did not have any children so he adopted his nephew Mulraj Solanki who overthrew him in 942 and set up what came to be known as the Solanki dynasty.[1]

The small Varsoda principality in Gujarat was ruled by Chavda kings until independence of India in 1947.[2]


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