Chaupi Orco (mountain)

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Chaupi Orco
Chaupi Orco is located in Peru
Chaupi Orco
Chaupi Orco
Location in Bolivia, on the border with Peru
Highest point
Elevation6,044 m (19,829 ft) [1]
Prominence1,537 m (5,043 ft) [1]
Coordinates14°39′12″S 69°13′42″W / 14.65333°S 69.22833°W / -14.65333; -69.22833Coordinates: 14°39′12″S 69°13′42″W / 14.65333°S 69.22833°W / -14.65333; -69.22833[2]
LocationBoliviaPeru border
Parent rangeApolobamba

Chaupi Orco (possibly from in the Quechua spelling Chawpi Urqu; chawpi middle, center, urqu mountain)[3] or Viscachani[2][4] (possibly from the Aymara 'wisk'acha viscacha)[5] is a mountain in the Andes on the border of Bolivia and Peru. It has a height of 6,044 metres (19,829 ft).[1] On the Bolivian side it is located in the La Paz Department, Franz Tamayo Province, Pelechuco Municipality, and on the Peruvian side it lies in the Puno Region, Putina Province, Sina District. It lies north of Salluyu.[2][6][7]

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