Chayanda field

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Chayanda field
Chayanda field is located in Russia
Chayanda field
Location of Chayanda field
Country Russia
Region Yakutia
Location Nepa Arch oil and gas area
Lensky District, Sakha Republic
Offshore/onshore Onshore
Coordinates 60°27′46″N 112°28′19″E / 60.46278°N 112.47194°E / 60.46278; 112.47194Coordinates: 60°27′46″N 112°28′19″E / 60.46278°N 112.47194°E / 60.46278; 112.47194
Owner Gazprom
Field history
Discovery 1989
Start of production 2019 (expected)
Estimated oil in place 68.4 million tonnes
(~ 79.7×10^6 m3 or 501 MMbbl)
Estimated gas in place 1,240×10^9 m3 (44×10^12 cu ft)
Producing formations Vendian sandstone

Chayanda field (also known as Chayandinskoye field; Russian: Чаяндинское месторождение) is a large hydrocarbon resource field, primarily of natural gas and gas condensates. It is located in the Lensky District of the Sakha Republic in Yakutiya.

The Chayanda field is located within the Nepa Arch oil and gas area of the central part of Nepa–Botuoba Anteclise in the southern part of the East Siberian Platform.[1][2] It is hosted in Vendian sandstone reservoir.[3] In 2010, the resource in place (C1+C2 categories) was estimated at 1.24 trillion cubic metres (44 trillion cubic feet) of natural gas and 68.4 million ton of oil and gas condensates.[1] As a result of the geological exploration in 2010–2011, reserves were increased by 251.3 billion cubic metres (8.87 trillion cubic feet).[2] Methane composes 86% of the natural gas in the field while a nitrogen percentage is up to eight. The oil fractions contain heavy crude oil, tar and paraffin. In addition, there are 1.4 billion cubic metres (49 billion cubic feet) of helium reserves.[1][2]

The field was discovered in 1989.[2] In 2007, the Federal Mineral Resources Agency of Russia planned to sell the oil development rights of the field separately from the gas rights.[4] However, later that year the field was included in the list of strategic resources and in April 2008, the research and exploitation licence for the field was granted without a public tender to Gazprom.[5] Geological prospecting is carried out by Gazprom Geologorazvedka and it should be done by 2015.[6] Gas production will be operated by Gazprom Dobycha Noyabrsk while Gazprom Neft may become an operator of oil production.[7]

The investment in the field development is about 430 billion roubles (US$13.66 billion).[8] This includes more than 300 gas and 140 oil wells, four pre-treatment units, one comprehensive gas treatment unit, one oil treatment unit, and three booster compressor stations.[2] The maximum gas production is expected to be up to 25 billion cubic metres per annum (880 billion cubic feet per annum) and oil production up to 1.5 million tonnes per annum.[9] Production of oil is expected to start in 2014 and production of natural gas in 2019.[10][11] Produced gas will be transported by the planned Yakutia–Khabarovsk–Vladivostok pipeline.[2][10] Helium will be separated from natural gas at the Belogorsk plant. Produced helium would be purchased by Matheson and Linde.[2]


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