Chayanne (1987 album)

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Chayanne LP3.jpg
Studio album by Chayanne
Released May 1987
Recorded 1987
Los Angeles, California
Genre Latin pop
Label CBS Columbia
Producer Ronnie Foster
Chayanne chronology
Sangre Latina
Singles from Chayanne
  1. "Te Deseo"
    Released: 1987
  2. "Fiesta En América"
    Released: 1987
  3. "Violeta"
    Released: 1987
  4. "Peligro de Amor"
    Released: 1988
  5. "Para Tenerte Otra Vez"
    Released: 1988

Chayanne is the third album from Puerto Rican artist Chayanne, released on Sony on 1987, and his first album under that label.

Album history[edit]

Chayanne is the first album by the singer released by CBS Columbia (now Sony Music Entretaiment) and was produced by Ronnie Foster. "Fiesta En America" and "Peligro de Amor" peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart. "Fiesta En America" ranked 49th in the 2008 recap for the '100 Greatest Songs of the 80's in Spanish' by VH1 Latin America. In 1988, the album was released in Portuguese for Brazil which included "Não Posso Mais Viver Assim" in a never released version in Spanish. In the 1988 Spanish version re-release, the song, "Una Luna Para Dos", was removed and replaced with "Esperanza". The album was reissued on Compact Disc on December 28, 1989.

Track listing[edit]

LP version
No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Fiesta En América" Honorio Herrero 3:44
2. "Digo No" Javier Losada, Daniel Maroto 3:53
3. "Para Tenerte Otra Vez (I'll Find My Way Home)" Vangelis, Jon Anderson, adapt. Gustavo Sánchez 5:07
4. "Peligro de Amor (Amanhã Talvez)" Michael Sullivan, Paulo Massadas, adapt. Luis Gómez Escolar 4:04
5. "Tu y Yo" Ronnie Foster, Kim Miracle, adapt. Eddie del Barrio, Gustavo Sánchez 4:20
6. "Violeta (Fricote)" Luis Caldas, Paulinho Camafeu, adapt. Rosa Girón 3:31
7. "Quien Soy Yo" Mariano Pérez, Jose Garcia Morato, Rosa Giron 3:42
8. "Te Deseo" Luis Gomez Escolar, Julio Seijas 3:51
9. "Emociones Cuantas Emociones (Emozione Dopo Emozione)" Eros Ramazzotti, Adelio Cogliati, Piero Cassano, adapt. Gustavo Sánchez 4:44
10. "Una Luna Para Dos" Edgard B. Poças, Paul Mounsey adapt. Luis Gómez Escolar 3:23

Portuguese version[edit]

A Portuguese version was released in 1988. The track listing order is different than the Spanish version. It was only released as a vinyl LP.

Side A[edit]

  1. Canta America (Fiesta En America; Portuguese version by Edgard B. Poças)
  2. Sempre Vou Te Amar (Emociones Cuantas Emociones; Portuguese version by Aloysio Reis)
  3. Não Posso Mais Viver Assim (L'Amore E' Quando Non C'e' Piu; Portuguese version only; Original song by Umberto Tozzi, and Giancarlo Bigazzi, Portuguese version by Aloysio Reis)
  4. Para Tenerte Otra Vez
  5. Quien Soy Yo

Side B[edit]

  1. Digo Não (Digo No; Portuguese version by Paulo Camargo)
  2. Tô Gostando de Você (Una Luna Para Dos)
  3. Violeta
  4. Peligro de Amor
  5. Tu Y Yo

Music Videos[edit]

  1. Fiesta En America
  2. Digo No
  3. Para Tenerte Otra Vez
  4. Peligro de Amor
  5. Tu y Yo
  6. Violeta
  7. Te Deseo
  8. Una Luna Para Dos


  • Ronnie Foster — Producer, Arranger, and Choral Arranger ("Tu y Yo" only)
  • Oscar Goméz — Associated Producer, and Choral Arranger
  • Eddie del Barrio — Arranger
  • Kelth Seppanen — Sound Engineer
  • Jorge del Barrio — String Arranger


Year of release Single U.S. HLT
1987 "Fiesta en America" 4
1988 "Peligro de Amor" 4
1988 "Te Deseo" 43

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format Version
Latin America May 1987 LP Original
1988 CD Re-release
December 28, 1989