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Chaz Brenchley (born Oxford, 4 January 1959) is a British writer of novels and short stories, associated with the genres of horror, crime and fantasy. Some of his work has been published under the pseudonyms of Ben Macallan[1] and Daniel Fox.

Winner of the British Fantasy Society's August Derleth Award in 1998 for Light Errant (and not, as often stated, the Outremer series), he has also published three books for children and more than 500 short stories in various genres. His time as Crimewriter-in-Residence at the St Peter's Riverside Sculpture Project in Sunderland resulted in the collection Blood Waters. Brenchley has also been writer in residence at the University of Northumbria.[2]

Charles de Lint praised Dispossession as "one of those increasingly rare books that remind you just how satisfying fiction can be."[3]


  • Brenchley, Chaz (1988). The Samaritan. London: Hodder & Stoughton. 
  • The Refuge
  • The Garden (1990, reissued by Lethe Press in 2013)
  • Mall Time
  • Paradise (1994)
  • Dead of Light (1995)
  • Dispossession (1996)
  • Blood Waters (1996)
  • Light Errant (1997)
  • Shelter (1999)
  • Bitter Waters (2014) – Lambda Literary Award winner for Scifi/Fantasy/Horror

The Books of Outremer (split into six volumes for the US market) :

  • Book 1-The Devil in the Dust (1998, Orbit)
  • Book 2-The Tower of the King's Daughter (1998, Orbit)
  • Book 3-A Dark Way to Glory (2000, Orbit)
  • Book 4-The Feast of the King's Shadow (2002, Orbit)
  • Book 5-The Hand of the King's Evil (2003, Orbit)
  • Book 6-The End of All Roads (2003, Ace)

The Selling Water by the River series:

  • Bridge of Dreams (2006, Ace Books)
  • River of the World (2007, Ace)

Written as Daniel Fox:

  • Dragon in Chains (2009, Del Rey)
  • Jade Man's Skin (2010, Del Rey)
  • Hidden Cities (2011, Del Rey)

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