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Cheadle Heath
Midland Pullman at Cheadle Heath.001.jpg
The Blue Pullman at Cheadle Heath station
(28 September 1960)
Place Cheadle Heath
Area Stockport
Coordinates 53°24′04″N 2°11′20″W / 53.401°N 2.189°W / 53.401; -2.189Coordinates: 53°24′04″N 2°11′20″W / 53.401°N 2.189°W / 53.401; -2.189
Grid reference SJ875893
Original company Midland Railway
Pre-grouping Midland Railway
Post-grouping London, Midland and Scottish Railway
London Midland Region of British Railways
Platforms 5
1 October 1901 (1901-10-01) Opened as Cheadle Heath
1 May 1902 Renamed Cheadle Heath for Stockport
1 October 1908 Renamed Cheadle Heath (Stockport)
14 June 1965 Renamed Cheadle Heath
2 January 1967 (1967-01-02) Closed
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
Closed railway stations in Britain
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Cheadle Heath railway station was a railway station, which between 1901 and 1968 served Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme, now districts of Stockport, United Kingdom.

Construction and opening[edit]

The station was built on the Midland Railway's so called "Disley cut off" line (correct name: the New Mills and Heaton Mersey Line) to avoid firstly the congestion and junctions of New Mills, Marple, Romiley and Stockport Tiviot Dale and secondly the difficult profile of the existing line, slowing down the London St Pancras to Manchester Central express train services. On 1 October 1901 the initial section from Heaton Mersey to Cheadle Heath was opened,[1] with a service of passenger trains to Manchester Central. The line through Disley tunnel to New Mills South Junction was opened on 1 July 1902, enabling through services to Derby and other stations.

Initially the station name was Cheadle Heath. From 1 May 1902 to 1 October 1908 the name was Cheadle Heath for Stockport. From 1 October 1908 until 14 June 1965 the title was Cheadle Heath Stockport and from that date until closure the station name reverted to the original Cheadle Heath.[1]

A 1903 Railway Clearing House diagram of railways in the Cheadle Heath and Stockport area, showing (in green) the Midland Railway line from Manchester Central passing through Cheadle Heath station and south-eastwards towards New Mills
Sketch map of Midland Railway lines into Manchester

Train services[edit]

Local trains served Manchester Central and intermediate stations. The Midland Pullman operated a regular morning express service between Manchester Central and London St Pancras, with Cheadle Heath as its only stop before running non-stop to London.

The station remained open to passengers until 2 January 1967 [1] and to freight traffic until 1 July 1968.

Current use of the station site and railway line[edit]

By 2009 most of the station's site has now been occupied by a Morrison's supermarket and car park however a single track remains and is still used by freight trains, mostly carrying limestone from quarries near Buxton in the Peak District to chemical factories near Northwich in Cheshire.

The two railway bridges across the River Mersey at Cheadle Heath North junction have been demolished. Three of the four bridge heads remain. One of them is readily accessible to walkers.


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